Thank You For Your Business!

REC is about providing our clients with the most confident buying experience they could ask for. Understanding your needs and power demand is crucial for appropriately sizing a renewable energy system or any electrical circuit at that!


Our company works in renewable energy solutions that make energy usage not only more efficient and environmentally friendly, but at a cost effective level that is circulated down even to the customer.

I often find myself thinking of new ways to integrate my knowledge about renewable energy into the latest trends and most recent advances in technology. The fundamentals are already there; we have been using energy basically the same way for years now with grid power and batteries.

            What makes our company stand above the standard electric knowledge, quality workmanship and excellent customer service; is in addition, the ability to acclimate or even improvising when necessary to determine the most efficiently designed system that is still aesthetically pleasing.

            What I am proposing to you today is not for you to make a drastic change in your current power supply situation. Rather to consider alternative options that may prove not only a savings, but also a security in knowing that you are making an advance towards becoming energy independent.

This is also another key reason why people today are shifting to alternative energy sources to support their power demands. People want their freedom back; independence from the monopoly that is the POWER COMPANY.

Although, there are many influences to consider when investing into a renewable energy solution for your particular needs, once an evaluation is complete, the answer is typically: “Why Didn’t I do this Sooner?”.

I look forward to a consultation regarding what those needs are and how we are able to help!